The Ultimate Hotel Guide 7th Edition

Ultimate Hotel GuideUltimate Hotel Guide

Most hotel guide books suggest that the world is full of up-scale options. We disagree. In this, our Seventh Edition of The Ultimate Hotel Guide, entire countries do not warrant a mention because, in reality, there are very few great hotels in the world, and even those are not 100% perfect.

From first-hand experience, we tell you what makes each hotel so special in terms of ambience, service and cuisine, but we also pull no punches, even with the hotels we recommend. If the restaurant service is patchy, we say so. If some of the accommodation is less desirable, we warn you.

We have no axe to grind, no sponsors to please, no advertisers to placate. The Ultimate Hotel Guide is exactly what its title suggests - the ultimate hotel advice.

Price: £28.00 inc p&p UK and Worldwide