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Whether you are a seasoned jetsetter or embarking on your first high-end journey, The Gallivanter’s Guide is your essential resource for trusted and honest recommendations. This widely respected newsletter provides candid reviews of luxury hotels and resorts, earning a solid reputation in the industry. The internet is overflowing with travel data, but it doesn’t often distinguish between what looks good in pictures and what is genuinely ideal for high-end travellers.

Unbiased Luxury Hotel Reviews You Can Trust

The Gallivanter’s Guide tells it exactly like it is, making it the preferred choice for top travellers, hoteliers, and travel advisors. Unlike other travel publications, we offer honest reviews that help you avoid costly mistakes and enjoy some of the most incredible hotel experiences available. Our publication may be outspoken and sometimes outrageous, but it’s this candid approach that sets us apart and ensures our advice is reliable and trustworthy.

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Unlike other travel publications, all email enquiries are answered personally and in-depth, ensuring Members can confidently choose the right hotel or resort for their needs. We’ve never accepted sponsorships or advertising, so our advice remains unbiased and free from commercial influence. If you are serious about luxury hotels and typically book the best suites, then The Gallivanter’s Guide is the ultimate resource to help you secure the perfect stay.

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In 1991, The Gallivanter’s Guide was founded by Lyn Middlehurst and David Maslin, and has been a trusted source for honest advice to top travellers ever since.


In 2014, Philippe Servais, an avid hotel aficionado, joined the team as a hotel critic, adding his unique perspective and meticulous attention to detail.


In 2023, now under Philippe’s leadership, The Guide continues its legacy, providing accurate and current information for high-end travellers, while adapting to a changing world.

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