Lyn Middlehurst and David Maslin created the Gallivanter’s Guide© in 1991 with the aim of providing first-hand accurate hotel advice for the world’s high-end hotel aficionados.

For most of its existence, The Guide was a hard-copy publication, mailed to readers in 42 countries worldwide; but with the recent decline in postal services and the rise of digital magazines, its Founders decided to create a more personal hotel advisory, emailed each month from the Editor’s desk to a select number of Members; by invitation only. Hence the birth of The Gallivanter’s Guide 100 Club.

The Internet is a vast source of travel information, but often fails to discriminate between what looks good in a photograph and what really works for the high-end guest. We tell it like it is, which, over the years has earned us the respect of the world’s top travellers, hoteliers and travel advisors.

Typically, The Guide is outspoken and often outrageous, but if you follow its advice, you could avoid a lot of expensive mistakes and enrich your life with some of the most extraordinary hotel experiences in the world.

Unlike other travel publications, Lyn Middlehurst answers all email enquiries personally and in great detail, so that Members can be sure that the hotel or resort they choose will be right for them rather than for a spurious blogger with little or no experience of the high-end market. Equally, unlike everyone else, we have never been sponsored or taken advertising, so we have no axe to grind.

If you are serious about hotels and tend to take the top suites, then nobody is better informed to help you achieve the perfect stay.


The Gallivanter's Guide 100 Club