Philippe Servais

“Meet Philippe Servais: The New Editor in Chief of The Gallivanter’s Guide for Unbiased Luxury Hotel Reviews”

My journey with this long-cherished publication began in 1995 when I discovered it in the library of the iconic Amankila in Bali. Instantly captivated by its unique concept, I became a loyal follower of Lyn Middlehurst and David Maslin, the original founders and expert hotel critics.

Fast forward to 2014, and I had the immense privilege of joining this extraordinary duo as a contributing hotel critic, bringing my wealth of travel experiences and discerning eye for quality to the table. Today, in my new role, I am committed to preserving Lyn and David’s extraordinary legacy, which has distinguished The GG (affectionately known) as one of the most respected authorities in the world of high-end travel, all while infusing it with a fresh and contemporary approach.

Honesty and Integrity in High-End Travel Reviews

In an era overshadowed by digital influencers and travel media that often present hotels in an overly flattering light, I take pride in setting myself apart through honesty and integrity. My reviews always stand out for their candidness, as I am never afraid to speak the truth. Unlike other publications, I personally dedicate time to respond to all email inquiries, providing in-depth and detailed responses to ensure that our Members select the hotels and resorts best suited to their needs. They can rely on my expert advice, rather than the opinions of unqualified bloggers with little to no experience of high-end hotels.

Impartial and Trusted Hotel Recommendations

Moreover, my unique stance of never accepting sponsorships or advertising ensures my impartiality, as I have no hidden agendas that might influence my recommendations. It is a true privilege to share my perspectives with you, and I am extremely grateful for your support.

Thank You for Your Continued Support!